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Tree of traditions

Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2016. 24 х 18 cm

In this tree, patterns and colors show stability and solidity of traditions as well as their influence on the formation of a certain perception of the world. Robust, powerful form of trunk, deep and wide roots - the metaphor of a strong base given by knowledge and respect for traditions. Shape of the crown and branches - a metaphor for the positive effects that will certainly be realized if all come to understand that all people are created in different not by chance and this is the plan for development in the world of different human qualities. In the branches, we see elements of ornaments of different nations and it reminds us of the need to respect the traditions, not always clear to ourselves. Green shades represent the time when the earth will be filled with the atmosphere of mutual respect and the joy of mutual understanding, and respect for the traditions of each other - a necessary step in achieving this. Yellow flowers symbolically express the desire for harmony through the study and the fact that knowledge of the traditions is necessary for the understanding of the relationship of historical events.

Photo in usual light

Tradition tree


Photo in black light

Tradition tree


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