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There Heaven walks the Earth

Frolicking Shiva

Tempera and acrylic on canvas. 2018. 70 х 50 cm

Shiva is my old friend, for the first time he came to me in a dream the night of that day when we went to his temple Bijli Mahadev in Kullu, warned that difficult times would come, but soon everything will be fine. The second time, Shiva came to my dreamed the next night after our wedding with Denis in the Durga temple and declared that we were relatives now, but hinted that I should obey him, with which I naturally happily agreed. Further, our relations developed simply, he advised, warned, protected and helped, despite the fact that I did not ask him about it, as a real father acts in relation to his daughter. Gradually, I began to love Shiva and decided to paint his portrait, of course over his beloved Bijli Mahadev in Kullu, at the confluence of the Parvati and Beas rivers. I have chosen the canvas, the main combination of colors, composition, painted the Bijley Mahadev hill and was going to draw him in a pose of meditation. Then something strange began - I was not able to approach the painting, my hands started to hurt, then my legs, then some other things need to be done, etc. And I decided to overcome the situation, stirred the pearly blue paint, fastened painting on the easel, turned to take the brush - Shiva flew away from the easel! The painting was fixed and I did not notice that I pushed it hard, BUT the painting flew off, turned 4 times around and hit the floor, but it was not damaged! Raising it, I noticed that the light falls in a special way on the top of the picture and suddenly saw how Shiva wants to be painted. This is how this picture came out. The idea is like this: joyful Shiva, dancing a bhangra, jumps from Parvati Parvat to Indrasan, on his way winking to pilgrims crawling along the mountain to the Bijli Mahadev temple from Bhuntar. Shiva tells pilgrims: I am joyful and happy, I bless all those who are pure in heart, my joy and protection are with you, never again grieve and cry! So it goes. And then he led the process, wished to be the most beautiful and sparkling god, so I fulfilled his request, decorated with everything he wanted, even with real rock crystal in the finest sparkling pollen ... said he was pleased. Do you like it? That's what happens with people after India)






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