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There Heaven walks the Earth

Radiant Dawn in Spiti

Tempera and acrylic on canvas. 2019. 50 х 70 cm

Clear stars still shimmer at the zenith, when first in the west and then in the east, the clouds above the mountains catch the first rays of the rising sun. Heavenly is a celebration of light that unfolds rapidly, changing the color of the sky and clouds from purple to bright yellow and gold. The Spiti River shimmers with all possible shades of diamond, rainbow shine. But even when the valley is already completely flooded with light, the stars, being so close here, are shining in the zenith. And when it seems that it is impossible to shine and glitter even more, dews begin to shine with many colors on all the slopes! There is a full sense of the presence in the temple of the Highest God, richly decorated with precious stones and gold’n’silver!






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