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There Heaven walks the Earth

Shining heaven of Milarepa

Tempera and acrylic on canvas. 2018. 50 х 60 cm

He visited myself recently in a dream, even I had no idea about him before, only thing I knew was that there is such Buddhist holy person, but in general, without details, so he introduced himself in the beginning. Then it came out that he is not much look alike to images of him, though skin color is goldish indeed, and bowl with blue fire... Not losing time for a detailed acquaintance, dear Milarepa announced that he sees in my heart and is ready to give me a gift! In the dream, I was surprised, presents again? the birthday was already over ... And then everything suddenly began to shine around! And a new friend, Milarepa, he presented me shining heaven, because now I know how they are arranged! Then, not being ashamed at all that my brain could explode, he showed me my path of enlightenment, how to go, what to do ... Yes! He promised that he would come again and teach me energy healing next time, if I would be good, he says you are anyway healing with your paintings, but you will heal with just a thought ... so, we are waiting.






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