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Thinking of flying

Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2014. 30 х 30 cm

This painting is about the power of imagination and the healing properties of flying in dreams and reality. The history of this painting is different in that its composition was a dream of my younger son, Ilya. One morning, Ilya said he saw in a dream as if I draw a ballerina, which seemed to be flying, but viewed from the top. I sketched it in notebook and showed to Ilya, he said it was alike but everything was colorful there. Of course, everything became colorful and I added to composition symbols of sensitivity to the gifts of clairvoyance - the orange waves and patterns, also among dark blue and blue patterns appeared symbols of attention, the ability to gather every part of gifts of the spirit, constantly learning. The concentration of thought on the flight helps us to see life from a different perspective, it opens the gates for the new energy and new inspiration, which often shows itself in the fact that the flights and discovering continues during sleep. Mental flight is a powerful tool to change the whole energy system of consciousness, opening up access to the finer and higher spheres.

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