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pisture pisture pisture



Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2014. 100 х 80 cm

This painting tells us how, using movement, you can interact with sunlight and moonlight. The element of the light beams is symbolically shown by lines and patterns of different colors, each of which performs additional notional task. Imagine that a dancer depicted, lives in the distant future, in the time of the next Satya-yuga, when all people will be able to see the energy and consciously interact with it. Dancer, completely owning the knowledge of light elements, takes from the space the beam of sunlight, then using it as the thread weaves in space favorable energetic combinations. In daylight, we can see the interaction with the Sun's energy, in the fluorescent light we can see the work with the beam of the moon. Lunar version also symbolizes the mysterious connection between the moon and feminine energy.
The symbolic significance of colors in the solar and lunar variant is the same, as in all my other paintings. White means - power of the spirit, a powerful effect of pure light; Blue - education and training, the influence on memory; Yellow - the harmony and the creative impulse, the action, and mobility; Orange - the impact of knowledge, science and intuition, clairvoyance; Green - the ability to interact harmoniously with all the structures, on the human level - the charm and tact; Red - love, acceptance and containment; Purple - spiritual and religious roots and faith in tradition, mutual respect and ethical soundness, Pink - a mother's love, compassion, forgiveness, help of higher powers. Patterns symbolize growth and development, the conscious creation of the light.

Photo in usual light



Photo in black light



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