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Billie sings. Billie loves. Billie is happy

Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2011. 80 х 60 cm

I feel that Billie is alive now, she is happy, may be not on this Earth, but she's still here. I feel that whatever her life was, she was happy, when she was singing. Through singing blues, sometimes hearing almost like crying, Billie transforming our pain into happiness. I never was so lucky to hear Billie personally, but when I listening her singing on the tape I can still see her aura. It seems like she took a lot of worlds pain deep into center of her heart then it goes through her throat absolutely changed. She transforms all pain and dirt to something amusingly beautiful. This is alive energy which can go to everywhere, some of that goes and became beautiful flower, some of that healing someone (in this case I'm agree with Haruki Murakami: ...she takes all of pain from your heart while she is singing), some of that goes and inspire someone. It's all still working, when she singing “...all I do is pray...” you can still feel her praying. That's why I believe that she is happy now, whatever her life was, she did so much for us, that I believe she is an angel.
I want to tell some about symbols I use in this picture, all spiral-shaped moving in this picture goes from center of throat, in East philosophy it is called Vishutha Chakram you can see this on the picture like light spot. All different colors thin lines represent energy, which always changes and moving. All colors also have some sense: all different type of red color is - love, green is - charm and tenderness, blue is - wisdom and creation power, yellow is - sparks of energy, something for pushing everything to grow up. It's also have other, more lightning vision in Black Lights and you can see some moving in 3D glasses. It's very hard try to make vision of something so moving, like energy, that's because I use this difficult technique, which I found more representable for this sense. Like other my works, it's also painted with paints, which I made myself from mineral pigments, eggs yolk and essential oils.

Photo in usual and black light



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