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Miles. Aura. Into Creation

Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2011. 70 х 70 cm

I paint from early childhood, I always was deep into philosophy and energy around and space above, into finding my destiny. I never was mentally stood on this Earth. I always felt that’s something more going on outside this usual vision. I left parents’ home when I was 15 and I’m very grateful my artists and musicians friends who helped me with my self-art-education.
When I heard Miles’ music first time it was 1990. I was 17 years old and one of my friends musician just come back from Poland and brought some new music. In Russia were times when it was illegal to have music from USA. It was just ended in 1985, but we still had problems to buy tapes, if it wasn’t pop-music.
That album my friend gave me to listen was called “Aura”. At first it was like cultural shock for me, but in good way it’s just blew my mind far far away. It was so unusual and beautiful sound! It was like magic or meditation which more careful you listening the more you can hear. Miles’ trumpet sounded like angel’s voice. It was inspiring me then and it is inspiring me now. That day I made oil painting in very unusual technique for me, it came from the other side of the world and I think Miles’ trumpet was a key to this.
After this I did a lot of painting about this other side, while I was listening to Miles’ music. I always wanted to paint his portray, but not like photography or something simple. Now I have enough courage to do this because I found this technique, which can reflects what I feel. These shining in Black light layers can show image of energy.
I see Miles as someone from upper world, who tortured himself by living here, with all pain and unfairness which we have here, just because he tried to help us. He enriched our cultural live so much; he gave so many ideas for everybody. All his composition you can stretch and borrow ideas from them almost endlessly and not just for musicians. Being artist myself I’m not just feel inspiration. I also can see different side of things, when I’m listening to his music. I was thinking about how his aura was looking, when he was into creation. I was listening to his music till I started to see it.
In Black light you can see words: “This is the creation power device” and “yellow”. It reflects that I think of Miles' masterpieces as of devices for waking up creation power into human beings. And “yellow” like color in East philosophy means spark or impulse for develop everything, which I believe Miles had and still has. I believe that impulse is most important thing; everything is based on this, started from this and continues to be from this.

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