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Gerry Mulligan is growing his own world

Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2011. 50 х 90 cm

I was 16 and really into Beatles, when I’ve heard Gerry Mulligan playing for the first time. That was “Live at the Olympia Paris” 1960. What a charming tape! Ones I was listening to his absolutely amusing solo and started to draw piece with oil paintings. I wasn’t thinking about composition or something like that just was choosing some color, which I felt I have to pick out. Then I started to draw something like tree with weaved roots and branches. It was complicated. I felt like Gerry’s playing growing something from inside me and I have to paint it into this world.
This time I was listening to “Funhouse” on “Mulligan plays Mulligan” album (1951) and same thing happened again… I just felt that I had to paint what I saw. I think, now Gerry definitely growing his own world somewhere. It’s filled with strong, fresh, but very soft sounds and lines. It has colors of everything that Gerry gets from his world to ours through his playing. And it’s healing; it makes you feel like flying above all bad troubles and dancing on clouds; it gives something more than just pleasure from hearing something beautiful – it also gives inspiration…

Photo in usual and black light



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