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Marcus Miller is playing for Indigo People

Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2012. 60 х 70 cm

I first heard of Marcus Miller playing with Miles Davis on album “Tutu” in 1998. I told my friend bass-player Rustam Abdullaev that I love trumpeter very much and his answer was: “yes, he’s playing kind of nice, but listen to bass-man – that’s who is really cool!”
In 2010 I was happy to be at Marcus’s concert “Tutu revisited” and listen his music in person. It was best concert I’ve ever been to. Miles Davis and Marcus Miller both gifted musicians, who showed their talents from childhood, I believe that it is mark of people with indigo auras. Each time in manhood evolution, when something new needs to be discovered, people, who are born to do this, have different from majority, color of auras. In our time color of creative people’s auras is indigo.
For me music always has a color and Marcus’s music changes colors from yellow to green and then to blue. It can be explained like: when talented person gets light of creative power and then takes time and focus of energy to make it as perfect as it can be – yellow color changes to green and then, when hard work inspire other people to do something new, it’s changes to blue color, which symbolizes that positive example always works.

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