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New World

Time has come

Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2018. 60 х 80 cm

The time has come, symbolizes all situations when the energy is collected in order to bring something new into the world. This state of readiness and full tension of all forces, just before everything begins to happen. The moment when it's time to start. And NOW it's when it all begins, just because the time has come. Nothing can stop this movement, when it has already started - like the fall of ripe apples on the ground, nothing will deter them when they are already have ripened. All the components for the beginning of creation are ready and have already begun to develop the idea, creating something fundamentally new and fresh. Creation of the new gradually fills all possible directions of development, all emptiness. Like water, it overflows everything that is available for filling. Everything that can be weaved into the development plan, everything that can be used in the construction, moves to the fulfillment of the idea, completely subordinated to the rhythm of the movement, unconscious by the participants themselves. The construction of a new, something that has never been, always moves by a new method and in new ways. Time has come to move the situation from a static position towards a destination that has slowly gathered its strength from the very onset of the first spark of the creator's basic idea.

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