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The tree of the New people is already in bloom!

Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2016. 40 х 30 cm

In the new world of the distant future, people will change externally and internally, the race is vanity and competitiveness, constant thirst to have more and better will disappear with time from the nature of man. No longer racing, people will not waste away in inactivity and laziness, but guided by an innate sense of attraction to perfection and the light will go on to study and refine the world around them. Several natural disasters that preceded the New World helped ethically and energetically altered people from different parts of the world to come together for the salvation of humanity at the right time. The Tree of the New people is already in bloom - means that the first signs of a new world can already be seen, and not far off is the multiple birth of New people, precursors of which sometimes have appeared throughout history in different parts of the world in order to gradually develop the human and prepare the planet for massive birth of New people. This event will also be accompanied by the emergence of the New Tree which energy will be alike the energetics of the New people.

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