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Accept fruits of the tree of New people!

Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2016. 40 х 30 cm

This painting is dedicated to the distant time when the phenomenon of new people on our planet will be already impossible to ignore. Initially, this will be people which from birth have energetic, balancing the space around them. This feature is characteristic for people which already in past lives achieved siddhi ahimsa, the representatives of the red beam of love. Souls which already in past lives entirely eliminated the violence from their energetic, mental, verbal and physical field. New people will be significant with the ability to stop all quarrels and disputes by original and unexpected solutions. This is the first wave of New people needed for the preparation of balanced and welcoming environment for the birth of the higher spirits, new incarnations of innovators with energy of yellow beam and people of fine sensitivity with energy of orange beam. Accept the fruits of the tree of New people - symbolizes that first New people already for some time come to the earth. And the task of modern humanity is to learn how to move away yet active shutters of physical reasons and personal prerequisites, for maximal support of New people of the first wave in execution of their most important work.

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