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Arabesque Flame

Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2013. 100 х 60 cm

Like other artworks of "Ballet" series, this painting symbolically, using classical dance movements, shows movements of energy structures during conscious human interaction with different elements and energetic phenomenas. In this case, the complex arabesque, which is sometimes called "Flame" for the visual similarity with a tongue of flame, symbolizes the state of soul that can be called - Dedication*. Dedication to God, or a teacher, it is a state of consciousness when every thought, every deed and every word is open and work together with the teacher for the common good. The dedicated person keeps his heart and mind in constant vigorous activity and communication with the teacher, like a tongue of flame of eternal light, transmitting divine light further in space and time. Such communication with the teacher is preceded by many, many incarnations of selfless work and devotion to the Brotherhood of Light. Learning how to keep the soul in dedication is as difficult as on the physical plane learn how to make this arabesque. But just as in dance, applying the light of inspiration and joyous work, having learned, you discover the joy of communion with the Supreme, the complex state of mind becomes light and keep your light clean - easy.
*note - the Russian word Predstoyanie which Lola Lonli used to describe the phenomena, does not have direct analogue in English so we used closest by meaning word Dedication. But original term also include full opennes of mind, soul and spirit.

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