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... And they shall come and all will be different!

Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2016. 18 х 13 cm

This tree symbolizes the era of the distant future, when the first wave of New people who own balancing energy, has become a greater part of the population. And then New people of the second wave will come; the souls with perfect development of many ethical qualities, already in past lives. Innovators, discoverers and inventors, completely devoid of the habits to pursue personal interests in their life. These beautiful Prometheuses will make those wonderful discoveries in various fields of science and culture that will move humanity forward on stage bringing it to the United world. The world constituting a community of people energetically close to each other, when there will be no separation of each human individual from the rest of the world. And they shall come and all will be different - represents a huge variety of characters, spheres and areas of activity of innovators, representatives of the yellow beam.

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